Every development is unique so we offer all of our clients bespoke solutions for their projects. Below are examples of some of the types of work we can offer.
Dealing with Planning Conditions on Small-scale Sites


For a small-scale development a stringent planning condition can seem like an insurmountable challenge. Whether you have been asked for Code for Sustainable Homes, a percentage by renewable energy or a beyond building regulations energy perormance, we can help get those conditions discharged with minimal fuss.

Sustainable Developments and Communities


Whether it is for a planning application or a tender, an integrated sustainability and energy strategy can help achieve the desired result. Community engagement is important for many developments and a sustainable agenda can help get people on board. Whether it is Green Infrastructure, food production, transport, renewable energy or water management we can help make sure your development is seen to be sustainable.

Aspirational Energy and Sustainability


Many people and organisations just want to build something which is "good". Good can be defined in many ways and can incorporate low carbon, low energy, low running costs,  low impact and a plethora of other terms. Whatever your aspirations we can help you quantify and achieve them.

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